Temp Real Time Staffing

Flexible Work that Works.

The world of work is changing. Staff want more flexibility at work, whilst organisations need stability. Even more so now.

Fielder makes managing your existing staff effortless and free. 
With Auto Scheduling, Timesheet, Attendance and Payroll too.

Staffing on tap

Fielder helps you do all the fiddly stuff that goes with recruiting, scheduling and even paying your team.

Built-in Staffing Sourcing & Hiring of vetted staff is just a click away.
From Cleaners to Clinicians. Saving 70%+ compared to standard agencies.

Find Staff

Vetted and Referenced
As and when you need

Manage Staff

Auto Scheduling your staff
Where and when and save time

Pay Staff

Authorise Timesheets from
Live attendance data

Finding work shouldn't be harder than working.

It's flexible in a way that fits perfectly with your life and commitments (i.e. what the word ‘flexible’ is actually supposed to mean).

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Hear the buzz

Hear what our early access members are saying.

We've been looking for a way to streamline our roster scheduling for ages. We were putting it off because it was going to be a pain, but we finally bit the bullet and tried Fielder out. We were blown away by how easy and fast it was. It literally took less than 10 minutes to setup our roster, and all the staff were happy with the end result. Definitely worth checking out.

Fiaz Rahman

I used to have to wait weeks to get some work. Interview after interview wore me down. Fielder had me up and running with their pilot customers in matter of days. Can't thank them enough.

Esther Howard
Care Worker

With our previous rostering system we had to manually create all rosters, send out emails, wait for staff to return and reconfirm, before publishing the roster. Fielder gives you the flexibility to do it all in one easy go! From creating rosters to sending out staff notifications. It's quick and easy. Plus it saves you a lot of time!

Eleanor Pena
Staff Manager

I've been grateful to be part of the early pilot for Fielder. Whilst there were some issues to get up and running as their have been building the software, I was very happy when the first payment came through.

Jane Cooper
Supply Teacher

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