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As I sit eating a delicious bowl of the juiciest strawberries, I am mindful of how thankful I am for this treat with my morning cup of tea. I don’t often have anything with my morning brew and so to have this succulent delicacy is just delightful and it got me thinking about gratitude as a whole. What is it and how can it impact our lives? 
Anna Rump
Concern about colleagues
Lockdown has ensured that we all have had to work differently over these past twelve months. It has without a doubt changed the way in which we work forever and it may be that some businesses do not go back to their old ways of working, after we are released from the restrictions that are currently imposed upon us. Apart from the businesses themselves that have been hard hit over this time, it is also important to remember that the people, your colleagues, have also been affected as well. Three important questions come to mind surrounding this topic.
Anna Rump
Sweet Dreams
Life seems to be always so constantly busy these days that in order to get things done, it's so tempting and easy to take away from the hours we would be using to sleep. However, did you ever stop to really think about just how important sleep actually is and how it can affect your mental strength, emotional health and not forgetting your physical well being?
Anna Rump
Reach out and ask
When Lockdown number 1 happened in the UK in March 2020, there was a feeling of community, pulling together and everyone finding that new hobby they always wanted to try, finishing that book and relishing some of the time given to us when we were told to stay at home. This time though, nearly a year later, it seems much, much harder. The question then is what to do when the struggle just seems to envelop you?
Anna Rump
Tick it off ✔
Feel like you have a million things to do? Get organised and take control by making a list. Simples!
Anna Rump
Take a deep breath
Wellbeing at work is an important part of employment that is often misunderstood or even worse, completely overlooked. It is more than the biscuits and cakes that might be on offer, the yoga sessions with your colleagues or even those team building weekends that some companies seem to invest in. Don’t get me wrong, these things have their place, but true wellbeing in the workplace has to begin with engaging employees in self care and promoting the benefits of this within the workplace. After all, as the saying goes, happy employees equals happy employers equals happy company.
Anna Rump
The importance of taking breaks at work
Losing concentration at work? Not clear on the benefits of taking breaks? Read on to find out why taking regular breaks is fundamental to your health and how you can optimise the time available to you.
Anna Rump
A Spoonful of Confidence
Confidence seems to be one of those things; you either have it or you don’t. For many of us, whether we are preparing for an important meeting or interview or trying to sign a new client, confidence plays an important part of the process and perhaps we do not always give it the time and attention that it needs, in order to get the returns on it that we want.
Anna Rump