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Upload your staff/volunteers
Create Rotas
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Assign Team to Shifts, with automatic skill, location, availability matching



Any Shifts that can't be filled with your own team, simply hire a Fielder Volunteer



Track Time Attendance, Location, Hours, and Give Feedback

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Full Flexible Staff & Volunteer Management

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Frequently asked questions

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What does the staff management system do?

Basically it puts together the schedule automatically that you currently spend hours doing. It then makes sure all your staff know when and where they need to be, allows them to check in and out of the shifts (with geo locate, so you know they are where they should be) and then gives you an output to say what to pay each person. ALL FOR FREE

I have my own bank staff I want to put into the system, are you going to charge me?

You can schedule and manage anyone you want in the system for free, if you wanted us to manage the payroll there would be a small 3% charge but we won't be charging any kind of finders we didn’t find them.

How does the recruitment process work?

Think standard recruitment process just faster and smarter, you enter into our system what and when you need someone including any checks you need to know have been done. We will then match you with the people who not only have the skills, experience and all the verification you need, they will also be available at the times you need them. You can then choose whether to add them to your team, interview or just simply offer the work. Simple

How does a business get started?

The fielder platform is completely free to get started. Simply signup and get started. Businesses can use the sophisticated time attendance, geo-based, clock in clock out, timesheet and payroll calculator for FREE. To hire a fielder, a business simply creates shifts. Fielder then shows you who is available for that shift. The business can then send an offer. Business can opt for interview requirement, in which case fielders will be send a team invite.

How are you cheaper than traditional staffing companies?

Fielder has built clever technology to automated most of the costly processes that traditional agencies have to cover. This means Fielder can pass the benefit over to its business customers.

How much does it cost?

Well it depends on what you do, but simply put you can use the features that allow you to schedule automatically, have your employees check in ad out so you know where they are for FREE. On top of that we have another couple of services If you have a staff shortage we can send you someone for a small 6% If you want us to manage payroll for any of your employees we will handle that for just 3%

What’s different about Fielder?

Our Mission, we are a worker first organisation that wants to see Business succeed because of it. Our goal is to end underemployment, unlock the potential of our workforce and give you the flexibility to scale your workforce up and down as you need it. We don't do this for the money, we do it because it needs doing.

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