Employment is Broken

February 12, 2021
Employment is Broken

Employment is broken and Fielder is here to fix it.

Are you fed up of working hard to find work? Sick of temporary employment contracts? Tired of fixed hours with no compromise on flexibility?

Us too. Nice to meet you.

We’re Fielder and we want to make the way we look for work, and the way we work, fairer for everyone.

We believe it’s time to put long, unpaid job searches to bed and create flexible, ethical and equal opportunities that pay you more while saving employers money, time and admin headaches.

The changes we want to see aren’t going to happen overnight, we’re just at the start of an exciting journey.

But, you can help us along the road by signing up today and downloading our app.

Here’s why you should...

We shouldn’t have to work so hard for work

Why is it still the case that looking for work can sometimes feel harder than actually working?

For those on the job hunt it’s the same old story. You sift through an infinite scroll of openings. Once you find something that does work for you, it’s time to fill out the forms and complete some tick-box exercises. Sometimes, you have to edit and upload the same old CV. Either way, you’re ultimately judged on a piece of (digital) paper.

Then you wait.

If you land an interview, it’s entirely subjective. Bias, inconsistencies and interviewer fatigue can stand between you and the perfect role.

If you’re not successful, or it's not quite the right fit, the cycle begins again.

This endless loop doesn’t work for employers, and it certainly doesn’t work for employees.

That’s why we’ve built a solution to put an end to it. If you sign up to our app you’ll soon see what all the fuss is about.

Employment should work for everyone

It’s not just the recruitment process that needs a rethink. We believe employment itself needs an overhaul too.

In today’s climate, where the reverberations of Covid-19 still linger, temporary work is the norm and employees are being forced to fight for basic rights like fair pay and contracts. Uber and Amazon are just some of the big names being called out over their working practices.

However, over half of employees crave security, so something is off, right?

This lack of permanence lines the pockets of recruitment agencies, leads to high staff turnover and low wage purgatory. Workers are trying to stay afloat and make sure they get their next pay check; leaving them with little time to upskill or progress.

Imagine a world with no more minimum wage, no more being stuck in a pay bracket, no more worrying about putting food on the table. No more discrimination against background or life commitments. And the ability to learn on the job.

That’s the kind of world we want to build, but we need your help. Download the Fielder app today to get started.

Flexible working should really mean flexible working

Oh and while we’re at it, let’s talk about flexible working. Yes it’s the term du jour right now, but when we say flexible we really mean it.

We know (now more than ever) that your nine to five may be a nine to twelve, or a twelve to six.

At Fielder, we’ve built a product that matches you with employers based on the hours you can work, not the hours someone else wants you to.

We know there’s a better way, because we’ve invented it

It’s about time we all stopped working so hard for work.

It’s about time employees were offered flexible, ethical and equal opportunities.

It’s about time employers had an instant and easy way to find workers, freeing them up to focus on their business.

We have the technology to turn this vision into a reality, and we’ve built an app that cares about one thing: people.

Our platform uses AI magic to match the right ones with the right businesses to make sure everyone is as happy as they can be.

We are Fielder and we are here to make a change. Are you with us?

Download our app today to get started.

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