Help fix employment

February 12, 2021
Help fix employment

Employment is broken.

That’s why – as the furlough rules change – Fielder wants you to spread the word and help us build a community that will make the way we look for work, and the way we work, fairer for everyone.

Covid-19 has sparked a remote revolution and encouraged workers to demand more flexibility from their employers. Under the UK government’s furlough scheme, hundreds of workers’ wages have been protected too. However, that’s about to change.

Earlier this week, the government made some updates to furlough, upping the wage contribution needed from employers from 10% to 20%. By October, this support will be withdrawn entirely.

These changes will have repercussions throughout the UK, with one in five businesses admitting they are likely to make staff redundant in response to the renewed rules. Elsewhere, a quarter plan to reduce hours or move staff to part-time shifts.

All this raises the question about what happens to those left behind as the scheme winds down.

Will they fall into the recruitment black hole; forced to fill out the same old forms and compete for jobs based on a piece of (digital) paper? Will they have to take a minimum wage job to put food on the table, and end up stuck in a pay bracket with no opportunity to upskill? Will they accept an offer that doesn’t quite fit in with their life commitments, tied to inflexible working hours?

There’s a better way forward, for employees and employers alike. And we know because we’ve built it.

At Fielder, we use technology to help connect the right people with the right businesses to make sure everyone is happy. Oh, and we also help people upskill once they find a job they love.

We’re just at the start of our journey to make working happier, and now we need our help to spread the word and help us build a community that will allow us to make our vision a reality.

So, tell your friends, tell your nan, tell your postman, tell your sister’s boyfriend’s sister-in-law. If you want, you can even tell your boss.


Because, the more people that know about us, the faster we can get to work on making the way we work, work for everyone.

In the meantime, make sure your profile is up to date, so you can make a start on your own journey to a better working life.

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