It’s time to kill the CV as we know it

August 27, 2021
It’s time to kill the CV as we know it

At Fielder, a big part of our mission is to change the way we look for work. That’s why we think it’s time to kill off the CV as we know it. Sounds a bit drastic right? Hear us out…

30 seconds. That’s the average time a prospective employer takes to read a CV. In fact, that might even be over-egging it, because some studies say the average time spent reading a CV is just 6.5 seconds.

Whether it’s six seconds or 30 seconds, though, one thing that’s clear is if you’re on the job hunt you currently have a very short window of opportunity to catch the eye of a recruiter and a limited means by which to do it.

It’s 2021. Elon Musk is plotting how to land a Starship on the moon; Silicon Valley is making the driverless car dream a reality; heck, 5G is even about to let us conduct telerobotic spinal surgery – so why are we still searching for work the same way we did 40 years ago?

Luckily, Fielder has built the AI technology to help move the job market along, for job seekers and employers alike.

We believe your chances of getting a job shouldn’t boil down to a single (digital) piece of paper. Nor should you be expected to fill out form after form in the hope of potentially getting an interview.

This way of looking for work doesn’t work for anyone. It’s also unfair. Sometimes, people are excellent at selling themselves on paper when they don’t necessarily have the skills for the job. On the flip side, others who aren’t so great with words, PDFs and Photoshop might find themselves losing out on the perfect job. Also, isn’t it exhausting updating your CV and cover letter for every single job?

Our app lets you upload your current CV for the LAST TIME, we don't make you type in the information again! We extract work history and education along with an identified skillset that gives employers a single work record for everyone to understand. We also ask about what new skills you want to learn.

Having a complete profile on Fielder allows us to match you with employers who are looking for a person just like you. If your information is all up to speed, our tech wizardry also allows us to identify other training and volunteering roles that could help you make a career change or land your dream job.

By completing your profile today, you will be helping us in our mission to fix employment and end the cycle of low pay purgatory.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s condemn traditional CVs to the past, along with shoulder pads, perms and flip phones.

Again, make sure your profile is up to date to get noticed by employers.

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