We Stand with Workers

August 18, 2021
We Stand with Workers

Everyone deserves the right job security, flexible working hours and a fair, living wage.

That’s why at Fielder, we stand for, and with, workers.

We’re just getting stuck into our mission to make working happier, and now we need your help make employment fairer.

Over the past few years, global businesses including Uber and Deliveroo have hit the headlines for their treatment of ‘gig economy’ workers.

Often, people who work for these kinds of companies are stuck somewhere between ‘self-employed’ and ‘limb worker’ status. In short, this means they’re not eligible for sick pay, holiday, parental leave or even the minimum wage.

In the UK, there is a growing movement to afford all workers these rights. Earlier this month, the Labour Party proposed a charter that would see all employees in Britain afforded basic rights from day dot under a single ‘worker’ status. The thinking behind this? To build a country where people can get high quality jobs, that are a source of pride, security and can release them from low wage purgatory.

The party also has ambitions to ban on ‘fire and rehire’ practices after seeing the likes of British Airways letting staff go amid the reverberations of Covid-19 only to hire them again.

Luckily for workers, Fielder is on the same page. We believe everyone should be provided with rights and protections in order to end the cycle of poverty and insecurity faced by so many jobseekers.

Our AI whizzes have built a platform that connects the right people with the right businesses to make sure everyone can work happier. That’s not where it ends either: we also help people upskill when they’ve found that dream job. For employers, our tech superpowers offer one-click recruitment, scheduling and hiring.

Our pledge to you if you take the leap with us? No more minimum wage, no more low pay purgatory, no more worrying about putting food on the table. No more discrimination against background or life commitments. Sounds good doesn’t it?

We know it will take a while to make working work for everyone, but we’d love you
to download the app today and help us to get started.

If you’re already on board, that’s magic –  don’t forget to make sure your
profile is up to date today so we can present you with the right opportunities.

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