When we say flexible working, we mean it

September 27, 2021
When we say flexible working, we mean it

At Fielder, we believe flexible working really ought to mean flexible. It’s no longer sustainable to live in a world where employees are tied to rigid working hours with no opportunities to upskill.

Last week,
a story emerged in the national press about working single mum Sophie Hook who is struggling to find work that will fit around childcare for her two-year-old daughter Nellie.

After returning from maternity leave last year, Sophie found a place at a good nursery but was denied flexible working and had to leave her job. She is now working part-time and uses universal credit to top up childcare costs. She is living to a tight budget, buying second-hand clothes and using a food bank to provide meals.

In the UK, there are thousands of stories like Sophie’s. 

According to recent research from the TUC one in three (30%) requests for flexible working are being turned down by employers. Pre-pandemic, flexi-time was unavailable to over half (58%) of the UK workforce. This number rose to nearly two-thirds (64%) for people in working-class occupations.

In recent weeks, the UK government have proposed new legislation that would make flexible working a ‘day-one right’ for workers. However, campaigners argue that this still isn’t enough because it puts the onus on the employee to request flexible hours, which can – ultimately – be denied.

If there was ever a clearer signal that the employment system is broken, this is it.

So, we believe it’s time to uproot the culture that perpetuates the idea we need to be at a desk, on our feet or staring at a screen 9am to 5pm. And the best place to start is by helping us in our mission to make employment fairer, flexible and more ethical.

Imagine a world with no more minimum wage, no more being stuck in a pay bracket, no more worrying about putting food on the table. No more discrimination against background or life commitments. And the ability to learn on the job. That’s the world we want to build.

If you’re with us, make sure your profile is up to date on Fielder so we can connect you with like-minded employers who are willing to work around you.

And if you’re not using our app yet, what are you waiting for? Download it here.

We believe our technology can build a better working world that works for everyone. It’s going to take time to undo the conventions of old, but we’re ready to take small steps towards big changes.

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